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About Junior Forums Inc.

Cindy Cochran, President
Houston Junior Forum



What does it take to keep an organization thriving for over 68 years?  The answer is simple: a strong work ethic, commitment, leadership, financial support and a shared dream.  

Beginning in 1946, a group of 22 women charted a new course for what has become known as one of the most effective nonprofit women’s organizations in the Houston area: the Houston Junior Forum. Today, with nearly 400 members, that commitment and dream is stronger than ever.

The Houston Junior Forum is a nonprofit women’s volunteer organization committed to providing charitable service to children, youth and senior adults in the Houston community. Its sole purpose is for the promotion of educational, social and recreational activities and monetary support to those we serve.

How will we fulfill the mission this year?  We will serve children and youth at Kids’ Meals and The Nehemiah Center by mentoring, tutoring and assisting with special projects, and See to Succeed which helps school children receive free eyeglasses. We will support graduating seniors through our College Scholarship Program which provides 22 students with a college scholarship. We will assist senior adults at the All Saints Third Age Learning Center, Home Delivered Meals of Katy and the Senior Guidance Directory. Lastly, we will offer to these organizations and other Houston non-profits an opportunity to apply for grants through our Community Grants Program.

Volunteers also support the community at large through activities and sales at our Resale Shop and through special events such as the Houston Antiques Dealers Association (HADA)shows.  This year, The Heritage Society has invited HJF to exhibit in their Museum Gallery, November 2013 through January 2014.  Displayed will be 27 beaded President's skirts and information on the history of HJF’s service to this community.

Priorities for 2013-2014 include a focus on expanding membership and increasing the number of HJF volunteers at the Resale Shop.

Members of the Houston Junior Forum have demonstrated a vitality and commitment which has resulted in extraordinary accomplishments for over six decades.  We invite you to contact us for information about becoming a member of HJF and in supporting programs that enhance the quality of life for so many in the greater Houston area.

Cindy Cochran, President
Houston Junior Forum 2013-2014


If you would like to donate to the Houston Junior Forum, click here.

The Houston Junior Forum is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and does not receive any governmental or United Way funding.
HJF gratefully acknowledges the financial support of individuals and the many local foundations and corporations whose generosity enables HJF members to serve so many in the Houston community.

Continued support will enable HJF to help secure the future of HJF projects and those served in the community through them.